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happily ever after 

During spring and summer it is easy to end up on cloud 9. The sun, the warmth, the mild evenings spent outside mixed with some refreshing drinks and a little harmless flirtation – what else do you need to be in a good and swinging mood?

However not only young lovers are beaming at each other. Especially for these who already know that they want to spend the rest of their life together, this is the time to get hitched. From May through September most couples say their „I do“.

To make sure every couple holds this day in vivid memory, we came up with a unique kind of guest book. The wedding party can leave tips, tricks as well as serious advice for a successful marriage. This will serve as a fond keepsake and at the same time provide enterntainment – even after the wedding.

The Wedding Book, as well as the Guest Book and the Host Book, were designed by graphic artist Dosenfood – Köchin für Gestaltung. It’s cover is made of linen paper and contains an imprinting in rosegold. It got printed at the Engelberger Druck AG in Stans. 

This and all other products are available through our webshop as well as in selected retail stores in Switzerland. You are also welcome to drop by our office – just make sure to call ahead.


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It is always a great pleasure to have our products published and presented in the media.

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