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Everybody knows the satisfying feeling when you clean and polished your whole apartment, clear out your closet or get rid of fiddling chunk. 

This is exactly what happened to us while sorting through our warehouse during the summer.

Over the past 9 years a lot of stuff has accumulated - samples, exhibits and older products, which are no longer part of our current collection.

Are you looking for clever products for a unbeatalbe price? Visit our sale section on the website or visit us in our showroom at Sentimattstrasse 6a. We would love to show you our collection personaly. 
(Opening hours: 8 – 17. To be save please call us in advance: 041 210 48 59). 


corporate giftware?

Looking for a unique customer or employee present? Then get in touch with us - Fidea Design is specialized in premium corporate giveaways, ideal for individual branding and cost-effective shipping. 


It is always a great pleasure to have our products published and presented in the media.

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