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Let the games begin!

Want to become a football star (for our American friends: soccer) or Golf professional? Our new memory games Football language and Golf language will prepare you for the highest league – at least on the memory – green.
In addition, the games provide the perfect preparation for the two major sporting events of this summer - the European Football Championship in France and the Summer Olympic in Brazil. If you begin your training today and have a little luck on your side, you can prevent an own goal in the next passoniate discussion. Who knows; maybe you even hit a hole in one!

You can find all our products online or you can visit us in our showroom at Sentimattstrasse 6a. We would love to show you our collection in person.
(Opening hours: 8 – 18. To be save please call us in advance). 



It is always a great pleasure to have our products published and presented in the media.

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