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Central Swiss design products
socially produced and economically marketed

The Albert Koechlin Foundation (AKS) supports innovative ideas from different fields with a connection to Central Switzerland. Besides ongoing operations, there is a special project with a specific focus each year. The emphasis in 2016 was placed on "economical & social issues“.

The sustainable correlation of these two areas has been of great importance to Fidea Design since its founding. As a company, our goal is of course to operate profitably and to increase sales. But at the same time we want to take responsibility by producing our products socially, locally and in a sustainable setting.
We are therefore delighted about the price from AKS for our project "Central Swiss design products – socially produced and economically marketed“.

Within the next three years and in cooperation with local designers and social institutions we will develop a total of 9 new products. Thus, the employment of mentally or physically handicapped people in social production workshops will be increased. At the same time the project will support the creative industries of the region.

The determined contribution will be fully given to the designers (compensation for product development) as well as the social institutions (prototyping).
According to that, the contribution of AKS serves as prefinancing for each new product – all other efforts (coordination, marketing and sales) will be carried out by Fidea Design.



It is always a great pleasure to have our products published and presented in the media.

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